Will homeless shelters take expired food?

If someone became ill even from slightly expired food, the shelter would be responsible. Therefore, most shelters discard everything that is past its expiration date, even if the food seems OK. Food donations to homeless shelters come with rules, which vary by location. Many shelters only accept non-perishable foods with clear expiration dates, such as canned vegetables with dates printed somewhere on the tin.

You'll need to contact local shelters to determine what types of food donations they accept. They say that a first false label on the food said it expired in October. However, I don't think it's right of me to remain silent on a persistent topic that I've noticed since my stay at a homeless shelter. The donors who bring it will surely not eat those things, so why do you think we would? Food is a welcome donation in many shelters for the homeless, as the need to feed people exists on an ongoing basis.

While all shelters use food, the types of edible donations they accept vary from one organization and place to another. Call ahead to ask a knowledgeable shelter representative if they accept the types of food you want to donate and for information on the appropriate time and method for delivering food to them. So what does this actually mean? Let's take one bite at a time. Of all the types of edible donations that homeless shelters accept, non-perishable products are the most accepted and used.

The expiration date of canned foods usually indicates three years after storage, but you can consume them after that date for up to four more years. Gather several foods to donate, instead of offering just a small package of pancake mix, which won't do much good if the shelter feeds more than 100 people a day. In defense of expired foods, I'll say that many of those dates on packages tend to have more to do with causing grocery stores to discard food and buy new ones. Brother, the first time I prepared soup at home, I was amazed at how good homemade soup can be compared to the watery chili macaroni that people prefer to feed the homeless.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Residents of a Brooklyn homeless shelter plan to sue the city after several people became ill from eating expired food. For those people who don't want to eat “expired” foods, there are many more people who are very happy to do so. Canned goods are stored in bomb shelters for good reason, if properly stored they can be eaten for eternity. Many shelters receive most of their donations during the winter vacation season and need them during the summer months, so consider increasing your donations during the summer season.

In other words, 150 pounds of yellow squash requires a bit of creative meal management by the shelter's chefs, so they must approve the donation. It's a question CBS2 wanted to ask the Department of Homeless Services, but they refused to be interviewed on camera. Both are covered by this law when the food bank or a non-profit organization distributes to another institution (for example, a school or shelter) and directly to a person (homeless or sick people). Donate “expired” food from your cupboards to food bank cabinets instead of throwing it in the landfill.

Call the shelter ahead of time to let them know exactly what and how much you plan to deliver so they can plan their use accordingly. .

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