What causes a person to become homeless?

For women in particular, domestic violence is a major cause of homelessness. Often, substance abuse occurs before you become homeless, while other times it is a habit that is acquired as a result of being on the street, almost as a survival mechanism. Substance abuse looks different for everyone and can be a battle against drugs, alcohol, or even a combination of both. By itself, substance abuse isn't what causes a person to lose their home, but it can tear families apart and be the reason someone loses their job.

The lack of employment opportunities is a cause of poverty in the United States, and if someone is suddenly faced with an illness or accident, medical bills can be overwhelming enough to force them to leave their home. It's not uncommon to discover that the men and women in many shelters are burdened by pain. Unable to deal with the death of a loved one or other major trauma, they numb their pain due to addiction. Addiction and apathy lead to the loss of work and home.

They simply stop worrying if they live or die. Grief becomes an obstacle to living. Passing by a homeless person on the street, the assumption for many is that they “got there of their own free will. Every homeless person has a different, often heartbreaking and traumatic journey, and the reasons people end up without a safe and stable home are myriad and diverse.

One person may only be homeless for a day or a week, while others may be homeless for months, years, or their entire life. Everyone can do their part to help the homeless, either by volunteering at a local shelter or providing food, clothing, or money to help the homeless. They feed and clothe them and make them find a job that they would like to pay them good money, they stay with the person until they find a job, get the job and buy a house and every 2 months they control the person. You're right, because sometimes it can be difficult to talk about sensitive topics, such as homelessness, and be a personal topic.

In general, no one chooses to be homeless and the vast majority of people are forced to become homeless, whether due to personal or systemic problems.

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