Which singer was homeless?

Award-winning R&B singer Charlie Wilson went homeless for two years when his low cash flow and cocaine addiction left him on the street. A surprising number of famous actors, singers, musicians and businessmen have been left homeless at some point in their lives. While trying to succeed as a young singer in Los Angeles, Kelly Clarkson was forced to live in her car after losing her apartment in a fire. The singer has also shared that early in her career, she ended up on the streets after her boss fired her for refusing to have sex with him.

Singer Jewel grew up in Alaska, but arrived in California after graduating from high school and ended up working in a computer warehouse in San Diego. Inspiring some of their best songs and holding them strong as their names rose to fame, these successful singers learned the downside of living on the street before they succeeded. The singer rose to fame after becoming the first American Idol star in 2002, but before that, she struggled to make her name known. Multi-platinum singer Jewel once lived on the streets after her boss fired her because she didn't want to sleep with him, she wrote on her website.

Keeping them grounded while rising to fame, these successful singers experienced the low down in life on the street before becoming famous. Time reports that although Kelly Clarkson is now recognized as one of the greatest American Idol success stories, she was left homeless during her early singing career.

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