What homeless need most?

The Best Items to Donate to Really Help the Homeless: Underwear and Socks. Surprisingly, these are some of the items most in demand by people who use shelters for the homeless. For more than 40 years, the Homeless Coalition has been developing and implementing humane and cost-effective strategies to end the massive homelessness in New York City. Our model programs represent solutions that can dramatically reduce the homeless population and prevent homelessness among those most at risk.

Many people donate new, rarely used clothes to homeless shelters and thrift stores. However, only a small portion of those donations are unused socks and underwear. Most of the world's shelters desperately need these items. Shelters use socks very quickly, as they are one of the most sought after items by men, women and children who use their facilities.

You can help someone in need to replace a pair of heavily worn socks by donating new socks to the nearest homeless shelter. Pillows are a simple item that we often take for granted, but for someone who is homeless, it's one less thing to keep them awake at night. Homeless shelters are constantly in need of pillows to provide as much comfort as possible to individuals and families staying in their facilities. Help keep members of your community warm by participating in your local coat collection campaign.

Donate coats that your family has accumulated over the years and that you no longer need. A coat is much more useful when it keeps someone warm than when they are sitting in a closet. Proper hydration is difficult when you're on the street. A water bottle takes up a lot of space in your care package, but you can drink it right away or throw it away if needed.

If you need water, it comes at a very low cost to you and is a huge, enormous and immediate blessing. If they don't need it, again, it costs very little and is very easy to throw away. Make a document with the name, address and hours of service of these locations, as well as any useful resources for the homeless. Last year, your donations helped us care for more than 7,000 homeless men, women and children and support more than 36,000 visits to health centers.

And, just as important, I plan to meet the three homeless women who have recently come to my street regularly. Menstrual products are needed to adapt to the natural monthly frequency, but supply is extremely limited in shelters for the homeless. Get some maps of local bus routes (the nearest town with a shelter for the homeless, for the inhabitants of the countryside). We actively advocate for better health and housing policies on behalf of the homeless.

Although all demographic groups need underwear, it is one of the least donated items to homeless shelters, so demand far exceeds shelter supplies. That's a great idea about making a list of resources for the homeless in your area with a bus fare. Backpacks USA has provided a guide to the items most in demand by homeless shelters so you can update your donation list and be an especially conscientious donor this year. I have a big heart for the homeless, but I also see that professional problems earn more in a day than I can earn in a week.

The Coalition for the Homeless is the nation's oldest advocacy and direct service organization that helps homeless individuals and families. Just this evening, my husband, my three daughters and I saw a drifter on an interstate exit ramp. .

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