Shower when homeless?

NYCP offers free showers to people who need that service. Here's a list of some places that offer showers and other FREE resources to help you when you need them. Hand out hygiene packs to people who want to shower in the mobile trailer parked at Peter Francisco Park in Newark. The shelter completes the lifesaving package designed by the city, and also features the expansion of its popular shower services for the homeless in Journal Square, which was successfully launched in November last year.

They wanted to focus on improving health and hygiene services for people in need, and they quickly realized that offering showers could be a critical first step, he said. Mayor Steven Fulop said those efforts include reopening free public showers, providing meals and personal hygiene kits to support them, and also helping the county secure temporary housing for homeless people to quarantine. Because personal hygiene is an important factor in reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19, showers are now reopened starting at 7 a.m. ARM began offering showers in New Brunswick two years ago, and this summer it expanded to Newark in partnership with a group that serves the homeless there, Humans for Humanity.

In Newark, some bystanders skeptically looked at the trailer, skipping the offer of a shower, but they still took a pair of Bombas socks and a package of hygiene products.

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