A Republican political consultant expressed the belief that even getting sent to prison won’t stop Trump from winning the 2024 GOP nomination.

NBC News reported:

For now, though, Trump seems to be consolidating Republican support since the unprecedented search at his home. In retrieving the records, the FBI tapped into deep-seated grievances among many Republicans that government institutions aren’t trustworthy and are persecuting their lone defender, multiple GOP operatives interviewed by NBC News said.

“I don’t think him being behind bars would stop him from winning the Republican nomination,” said Brendan Buck, a Republican consultant.

Sean Hannity has been preparing his audience to support Trump as he runs for president from behind bars. 

Trump has a death grip on enough of the Republican base that even if he is in prison, he will still be the Republican nominee.

If Trump was in prison, it would mean no candidate rallies, no convention acceptance speech, no debates. Everything that voters expect from a presidential campaign would not exist.

It would be a disaster for Republicans if an incarcerated Trump were the party’s nominee.

Republicans appear to be preparing for Trump to potentially run for the presidency from behind bars, and if this happens, it will wreck any chance the GOP has of winning in 2024.

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