My daughter is 6 and #6 is a perfect encapsulation of this phase. Specifically, my living room floor is always trashed with her “projects:” currently there is a plush horse in its “stable,” a collage, some pieces of cardboard she’s crafting into sculptures, my yoga mat, a book, some stuffs, etc… It wins no design awards! But we are moving next week (!! ack don’t ask me if I am ready!!!) and even though we’ll have more space for a play room, I decided that I still want to have most of her toys and materials in the living room so that she can play downstairs while I’m cooking, etc, rather than banishing all toys and mess to the upstairs play room. So maybe I will be less cranky about the mess in the living room now that I am actively choosing it? I know she’ll be sequestered in her room during the teen years soon enough and just want her to know that I love having her close, mess and all.

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