Meet the Team

Belita Kimball

Belita Kimball

I’m a health and wellness writer and blogger with an interest in food, fitness, and living life to the fullest.

Life is a journey. Every day is a new opportunity to find your balance and take care of yourself.

I’m an introverted, diet-conscious woman who is passionate about sharing health and wellness tips to help others.

malchy Image

Malchy Valentine

I am a mental health and physical wellness professional who wants to help others live their best lives. My mission is to empower you to create what you want, even if it’s different than what you thought.

I offer a holistic approach to mental and physical wellness. I am a dedicated, compassionate, and knowledgeable coach with over 18 years of experience.

Wrennie Bartolomeo

Wrennie Bartolomeo

Born and raised in California. I love the ocean, the outdoors, and America.  I’m a journalist and writer who’s passionate about the outdoors and meeting new people.

I’m currently working as a reporter for Blanket America. I’m a traveler, explorer, and adventurer. I love to experience new cultures and meet new people.

Adventurous food lover, takes life with a pinch of salt and a dash of rain. Adventure is a place where expansion of both mind and heart elements occur. I am a person with a longing for ice cream, new days and clear trails.