Produced by Pharrell

This industrial-leaning track could almost be mistaken for a Life of Pablo-era Kanye beat—this might be what Push meant about both producers’ styles bleeding into each other on the album. The heavy 808s, a pounding, repetitive sample, and droning electronic arrangements make this sound like the accompaniment to a nightclub scene in a Blade movie. 5/5

“Dreamin of the Past”
Produced by Kanye West

Donny Hathaway’s soulful cover of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” forms the base for this warm, nostalgic sounding record, hearkening back to Kanye’s early “chipmunk soul” production style. It’s one of the best records on the album, though Kanye threatens to derail the whole thing with more references to his divorce from Kim Kardashian on his brief verse. 4.5/5

“Neck & Wrist”
Produced by Pharrell

“Neck & Wrist” is the strongest single on the album, conjuring memories of the space-age drug rap that made Hell Hath No Fury a classic. Both Push and Jay stunt and shine on the majestic synths and pounding bass. It’s what you expect from the alchemy between Pharrell and Pusha T. 5/5

“Just So You Remember”
Produced by Kanye West

A much more atmospheric, moody record with an evocative bassline and sample taken from Colonel Bagshot’s “Six Day War.” It isn’t particularly affecting by itself but sets the right tone for Push’s subliminals and braggadaccio seemingly aimed at the entire music business. Pure meat and potatoes. 3/5

“Diet Coke”
Produced by Kanye West & 88-Keys

This is a fun song and the kind of thing Kanye does in his sleep. The idea of an “Old Kanye” has always been a bit overstated, but it’s cool that Push’s gritty lyricism and street swagger steer Kanye back to his soulful roots as a producer. Still, one of the lesser beats on the album. 3/5

“Rock N Roll”
Produced by Kanye West & Pharrell

Funny enough, arguably the weakest song on the album happens to be the one where the two producers join forces. It’s not necessarily because of Push or even the beat, which once again finds Kanye in his soul sample vein with a slick flip of Beyoncé’s underrated album cut “1+1.” But overall this beat seems more suited to someone like Kid Cudi, who handles hook duty here, than Pusha. 2/5

“Call My Bluff”
Produced by Pharrell

A very tough beat to accommodate easily the most Tough Talk on the album. This is perfectly tailored for a summer in your car just riding around shining. 4/5

“Scrape It Off The Top”
Produced by Pharrell

This is a prime example of Pharrell trying to to help Push expand his sonic palette, but the bubbling xylophone keys and melodic arrangement serves Don Toliver and Uzi better than the star. 2.5/5

“Hear Me Clearly”
Produced by Kanye West, ThaMyind, Luca Starz, & BoogzDaBeast

Another strong single, “Hear Me Clearly” also premiered on fashion designer Nigo’s album from earlier this year, I Know NIGO! The gothic violins and the industrial drone give the song an action movie speed and sinister energy that Push meets with absolute glee. 5/5

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