Have a Delicious Weekend. | Cup of Jo

What are you up to this weekend? We are driving up to Vermont to see the fall leaves. They might still be pretty green, but either way, we’re excited for cider donuts and these alpine slides. Shana Tovah to our readers who are celebrating the Jewish holidays! Hope you have a good one, and here […]

Reflections on 10 Years of Motherhood

My daughter is 6 and #6 is a perfect encapsulation of this phase. Specifically, my living room floor is always trashed with her “projects:” currently there is a plush horse in its “stable,” a collage, some pieces of cardboard she’s crafting into sculptures, my yoga mat, a book, some stuffs, etc… It wins no design […]

10 Dinners With an Egg on Top

Alex is the chef in our family (he kills at broccoli quesadillas and chicken parm meatballs), but last week, he was out of town, so the boys and I were on our own. Unfortunately, I am — how should I put this — not a great cook. So, I figured we’d just shop the fridge: […]

9 Things That Helped on My First Trip Without My Baby

A couple weeks ago, I asked for help preparing for a parenting milestone: my first trip without my baby. And the CoJ community delivered! You reminded me that it was normal to feel both excited and terrified, and like everyone predicted, both Ella and I were 100% fine during our time apart. During any homesick […]

Have a Delicious Weekend. | Cup of Jo

What are you up to this weekend? My dad is visiting, and we’re going to our neighborhood block party. The boys are psyched for the bouncy house, and I like seeing what everyone brings to the potluck dinner. We’re going with either thumbprint cookies or fancified Rice Krispie treats. Hope you have a good one, […]

The Time Traveler’s Husband | Cup of Jo

Photo #1: At age 17, I’m sporting a layered shag, highlighted in skunky streaks. I’m wearing a Blondie T-shirt, even though I have no idea who Blondie is, and holding a portable phone against my face with one ticked-up shoulder. My hands are thrown up in surprise as my mother catches me with her camera […]

Could I Be a Hat Person?

The other day, I asked a question on Instagram: ‘Are you a hat person?’ Surprisingly, most people made the same confession: “I love hats,” wrote New Englander Cheryl Sparks, “But I always feel so conspicuous.” I get it, hats are intimidating. Yet I have a theory: If you want be a hat person, you can […]

Have a Relaxing Weekend. | Cup of Jo

What are you up to this weekend? I’m taking the boys to an apple orchard to ring in the fall. We’re also excited about our NYC weekend trip giveaway! You (and your friends, partners, and loved ones) can enter here anytime over the next week. Hope you have a good one, and here are a […]

Win a NYC Weekend Trip (Shopping! Food! Flight! Hotel!)

My loves, we have a very exciting announcement! First, we’re thrilled to launch our new-and-improved newsletter. We’ll be sending one simple email per week, and it will be chock full of TV and book recommendations, fun links, recent posts, and other good stuff. Sign up here, if you’d like. Bonus: If you sign up for […]

A Formula for Easy Lunchbox Packing

My Instagram feed is filled with the most amazing things — dogs surfing in Hawaii, daredevils jumping off 200-foot cliffs, and get this… …parents carving hearts out of cheese, making faces out of sandwiches, and color-coordinating the contents of bento boxes, all in the name of creating inspiring, wholesome, day-making lunchboxes for their kids. I […]