Kyoto’s cherry blossoms are blooming earlier because of climate change

The Japanese city is famous for its cherry blossoms, which traditionally mark the start of spring, but rising temperatures are seeing them bloom early Environment 20 May 2022 By Jason Arunn Murugesu Cherry blossoms by a river in Kyoto, Japan SILENCE Photo/Getty Images Cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan, are reaching full bloom 11 days earlier […]

Supersolid: Strange state of matter made into a pancake-shape for first time

A supersolid is an exotic state of matter that behaves like both a solid and a fluid. It was first predicted 60 years ago, but has only recently been created in the lab Physics 14 May 2022 By Karmela Padavic-Callaghan Researchers have made a pancake-shaped supersolid Thomas Bland et al. A pancake-shaped supersolid has been […]

Wireless charging: Sweater can keep your gadgets topped up

A sweater containing tubes filled with a liquid metal alloy can charge up wearable electronic devices Technology 13 May 2022 By Alex Wilkins A sweater with the MeanderCoil++ system Takahashi et al. A sweater embedded with a coil filled with liquid metal can wirelessly charge wearable or portable electronic devices, including medical sensors, movement trackers […]

REF results 2021: UK’s ‘world-leading’ research not confined to elite universities

The Research Excellence Framework, an assessment of UK universities’ research output, has found that “world-leading” research is distributed across the country rather than concentrated in a few elite institutions Humans 12 May 2022 By Jason Arunn Murugesu Research around the UK has been called “world-leading” Muhammet Camdereli/Getty Images The UK’s “world-leading” research isn’t just limited […]

Covid-19 news: Fourth vaccine may offer ‘substantial’ antibody boost

By Michael Le Page, Clare Wilson, Jessica Hamzelou, Sam Wong, Graham Lawton, Adam Vaughan, Conrad Quilty-Harper, Jason Arunn Murugesu, Layal Liverpool, Matt Hambly, Carissa Wong, Alex Wilkins and Alexandra Thompson A Moderna covid-19 booster jab is prepared at a vaccination site in London in April 2022 SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Latest coronavirus news as of 1pm […]

Meta: Irritable bowel syndrome may caused by overreacting gut cells

Epithelial cells in the gut continue to be active in mice even after an irritant or infection clears, which may be the source of chronic gut pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome Health 6 May 2022 By Grace Wade A light micrograph image of a section of the small intestine EYE OF SCIENCE/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY […]

Virtual reality ‘answering machine’ records the real world while you’re in VR

People using virtual reality at work could use a new system to capture what happens around them and play back a 3D reconstruction later Technology 6 May 2022 By Alex Wilkins Virtual reality could be a feature of workplaces in the future Stock-Asso/Shutterstock A virtual reality (VR) “answering machine” can record changes in a person’s […]

A single genetic mutation made humans more susceptible to cancer

Since we split from chimpanzees, a single letter change in our DNA appears to have made us more likely to get cancer, possibly as a trade-off for extra fertility Health 3 May 2022 By Alice Klein An illustration of DNA molecules KATERYNA KON/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY A tiny change in our DNA that occurred after we […]

Astronauts: Space test dummies will measure female radiation risk for first time

Two mannequins designed to represent female bodies will measure radiation exposure on NASA’s Artemis I mission later this year, in preparation for putting the first woman on the moon Space 29 April 2022 By Alex Wilkins Two female mannequins in the Orion spacecraft NASA/Lockheed Martin/DLR It’s one small step for a mannequin, one giant leap […]