Val Demings Lead Marco Rubio By 4 As Florida Blue Surprise May Be Building

According to a new Florida poll, Rep. Val Demings is leading Sen. Marco Rubio 48%-44% in the state’s US Senate contest. Via: The University of North Florida: Val Demings came out on top in the head-to-head against Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate, with 48% indicating a vote for Demings and 44% for Rubio, with 7% […]

Trump Basically Admits He Had Nuclear Docs At Mar-a-Lago

Trump called the allegation that he had top secret nuclear docs at Mar-a-Lago a hoax, which in Trump speak means it is true. Trump Claims Evidence Was Planted By The FBI Trump posted on Truth Social: This, from the ex-president, is as good as an admission that he had classified nuclear-related documents at Mar-a-Lago. […]

Republicans Launch Million Dollar Campaign To Defeat Herschel Walker

The Republican Accountability Project has launched a million-dollar campaign to defeat Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate race because they believe he is too unfit and unstable to hold office. Here is the Republican Accountability Project’s Herschel Walker ad: The ad features Walker’s ex-wife talking about how he held a gun to her temple and […]

Voters Overwhelmingly Support Inflation Reduction Act

Nearly two-thirds of voters (64 percent) of voters say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supports the Inflation Reduction Act.  Republicans have been lying about The Inflation Reduction Act because it is popular with voters. The GOP can’t stop the bill, so they have taken a page out of their […]

‘Don’t Want to Be Involved’

In the midst of making a very legitimate point, and after having his best Democratic week in recent memory, Joe Manchin wouldn’t answer an easy question as to whether he would support Joe Biden if nominated for 2024. This is peak Manchin, red meat for red people. Moreover, his obvious motivation in doing so also […]

Trump Rages After Two Explosives Days Of Revelations In The 1/6 Investigation

It is hard to understate the significance of the revelations coming out over the last 48 hours. Trump’s response to the changing dynamic, his furious raging statements on Truth Social, sound increasingly desperate and appropriately so. In the last two days, the public learned that a grand jury is empaneled and investigating the specific events […]

Senate Republicans May Cave To Fascists And Block Bill Protecting Same Sex Marriage

Senate Republicans are divided on the bill codifying same-sex marriage and currently can’t deliver enough votes to pass the legislation. NBC News reported: For now, Democrats have locked down nearly half the Republican votes needed to break a 60-vote filibuster. With many GOP senators dismissing the bill as unnecessary and accusing Democrats of trying to […]

Chuck Schumer Calls Ted Cruz Unhinged On The Senate Floor

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) described Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as unhinged for wanting to overturn same-sex marriage. Video of Schumer: Schumer said on the Senate floor: As many have openly said, they have now turned their attention now on the Obergefell decision and marriage equality. A few days ago, the Junior Senator from […]

Biden Speech On Gun Violence Bill Interrupted By Parkland Dad

President Biden’s speech on the passage of bipartisan gun legislation was interrupted by Manuel Oliver, who lost his son in the Parkland shooting. Video: Oliver was demanding that more be done about gun violence: Manuel Oliver, father of slain activist Joaquin “Guac” Oliver, interrupted Biden’s speech demanding more. Manuel’s been fighting everyday since his son […]