Does (Hand) Size Matter? Inside the NFL Draft’s Fear of Tiny-Handed QBs

It’s entirely possible that Pickett will fail to become a star quarterback; it’s also possible that he will lead his new team to glory. Neither scenario, in all likelihood, will have anything to do with the size of his hands. All of which begs the question: why on earth do we keep talking about this? […]

13 Movies Worth Going to Theaters for This Summer (Plus 7 Worth Streaming)

The Black Phone (in theaters June 24)Director: Scott DerricksonStars: Ethan Hawke, Finney ShawWhat It’s About: Abducted by a serial killer (Hawke), a kid (Shaw) tries to escape before he becomes the latest victim — with some help from a mysterious phone and some voices from beyond.Why It’s Worth Leaving the House For: After parting ways […]

Aaron Paul Has Mastered the Buzz Cut

This is Grooming Gods, a tour of the best and wildest grooming out there this week.  Aaron Paul  Ordinarily we caution against the “tennis ball,” going with the same length clipper for your entire dome and beard. But it’s hard to argue with the results here!  Jon Batiste  You’ve got the love some color in […]

Kanye vs Pharrell: Who Has the Best Beats on Pusha T’s New Album ‘It’s Almost Dry?’

“LTSSTC”Produced by Pharrell This industrial-leaning track could almost be mistaken for a Life of Pablo-era Kanye beat—this might be what Push meant about both producers’ styles bleeding into each other on the album. The heavy 808s, a pounding, repetitive sample, and droning electronic arrangements make this sound like the accompaniment to a nightclub scene in […]

22 Best Adidas Shoes for Men in 2022: Stan Smith, Superstar, Gazelle, and More

The best Adidas shoes for men deserve their place in the footwear pantheon. Since setting up shop in the late ’40s, the Three Stripes has remained a reliable source for classic sneakers (think Sambas, Superstars, Stan Smiths, and Gazelles), the type of perennial best-sellers that still inspire countless imitations today. But recently the German sportswear […]

Why Fear of God Designer Jerry Lorenzo Wants You to Dress Like Kenny G

When Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo went to Jay-Z’s annual Academy Awards afterparty last month, he showed up in a surprisingly chill suit. On a night where many celebrities, inspired by the golden age of Hollywood, or just the cutthroat age of social media, dress in over-the-top interpretations of black tie, Lorenzo went a […]

The Unbeatable Apple Watch Is $70 Off Right Now (Plus 7 More Sweet Gear Deals We Love)

The Apple Watch is the uncontested reigning champ of smart watches. What other watch can track your vitals, send e-mails, and take (or ignore) phone calls? Add to that a seamless integration to the iPhone and you’ve got a dynamic duo that makes turns Apple skeptics into die-hard evangelists for their proprietary ecosystem.  If you’ve […]

17 Best Slides for Men in 2022: Stylish Sandals from Adidas, Nike, Gucci, and More

Up until recently, the best slides for men were any of them—so long as you didn’t wear them in public. But in the span of just a few short years, slides have evolved from the lazy footwear of frat boys and protectors against wart-averse gym-goers to everyday-appropriate. Hell, they’re now being used for popping the […]

Lonzo Ball Got Profoundly Shaped Up

This is Grooming Gods, a tour of the best and wildest grooming out there this week.  Lonzo Ball  Ball has been rocking a sizable afro all season (with a quick interlude with braids). But this week he got cleaned way up—love it.  Robert Eggers  An appropriate beard for promoting a violent viking epic. Don’t sleep […]