The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White Can Pull Off More Than a Great White T-Shirt

Carmine “Carmy” Berzatto, Jeremy Allen White’s character on this summer’s breakout series The Bear, is kind of a menswear head. Though the show’s subplot about Chef Carmy’s side hustle collecting vintage selvedge denim all but drops off after the pilot episode (in which Carm reluctantly agrees to trade a rare American-made Levi’s jacket in exchange […]

Behind the Wheel of the Rivian R1S, the World’s Most Hyped Electric SUV

The steepest street in Los Angeles, where I live, is a 33-percent grade. Driving down is something you experience in your stomach—it feels like you’re plunging down a slide. A few weeks ago, off-roading in the Catskills, the guide riding shotgun asked if I wanted to try something steeper: a nose-dive down a 45 percent […]

It’s Hard Not to Love Jack Harlow’s Mop Top

This is Grooming Gods, a tour of the best and wildest celebrity hair and beauty out there this week.  Jack Harlow  Just some A+ anti-grooming—a scruffy beard and some floppy curls add up to way more than the sum of their parts.  Ryan Reynolds  A nice normal haircut from the reigning king of nice normal […]

The 18 Best New Menswear Items to Buy This Week

Want more best new menswear selects? Sign up to receive the GQ Recommends newsletter and you’ll get subscriber-exclusive editor picks in your inbox every week. All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Source link Malchy ValentineI […]

John Mayer’s Watch Was Once a Well-Kept Secret

Welcome to Watches of the Week, where we’ll track the rarest, wildest, and most covetable watches spotted on celebrities. Count on John Mayer to always find the obscure, outrageous watch that seems tailor-made for him. For the better part of the year, this salmon-dial perpetual calendar was hiding out, secretly tucked away in Japan as […]

Types of Jeans for Men: Every Single Jean Fit, Explained

Your first challenge when shopping for a new pair of jeans? Trying to understand how there are so many goddamn types of jeans for men, period. There’s an infinite spectrum of washes to choose from, not to mention hundreds of brands vying for your attention and your legs. And that’s to say nothing of all […]

A$AP Rocky Showed Off Some Extremely Sick Braids

This is Grooming Gods, a tour of the best and wildest celebrity hair and beauty out there this week.  A$AP Rocky  On the one hand it feels wrong to share a photo of the “Prettiest Man Alive” from this angle. On the other, how else are you going to see those excellent braids?  Ben Affleck  […]