Scientists are slathering reefs with antibiotics to stop coral disease

Researchers have resorted to applying antibiotics on corals to save Caribbean reefs from deadly disease, but there are concerns this could create antibiotic resistance in other marine animals Life 23 September 2022 By Corryn Wetzel Stony coral tissue loss disease has begun to eat away at this coral Shutterstock / Drew McArthur To combat the […]

Jamie Raskin Destroys Trump’s Defense By Telling Him He’s Nobody Special

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) shot down the idea that Trump is entitled to special treatment under the law because he is a former president. Video: WATCH: Though some constitutions around the world do not subject former presidents to the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution does, Jan. 6 select committee member @RepRaskin (D-Md.) says. “A […]

Robot navigates indoors by tracking anomalies in magnetic fields

Metal pipes beneath the floor provide enough local disturbance of Earth’s magnetic field for an autonomous robot to work out where it is and navigate around a lab Technology 23 September 2022 This robot can tell where it is by detecting disturbances in magnetic fields Autonomous Vehicles Lab/University of Florida A robot can autonomously navigate […]

Saturn: Enceladus shown to have all six of the essential elements for life

Reanalysis of icy rock grains from a ring of Saturn – fed by ice plumes from its moon Enceladus – has revealed the presence of phosphorus, the only key essential element for life that hadn’t already been spotted Space 21 September 2022 By Alex Wilkins Finding phosphorus means Saturn’s moon Enceladus has now been shown […]

Can dogs and cats be happy and healthy on a vegan diet?

Emerging research suggests vegan pet food may be able to keep dogs and even cats healthy and happy, reducing the massive impact that traditional pet food has on the environment Environment 19 September 2022 By Graham Lawton Studies suggest that a dog’s nutritional needs can be fulfilled by plants and supplements Rica I WHEN I […]

Covid-19 pandemic linked to early onset of puberty in some girls

By Elizabeth Hlavinka An increased number of girls are going through premature sexual development amid the pandemic Dan Kenyon 2013 The covid-19 pandemic may be triggering early puberty in some girls. Several studies suggest the outbreak is increasing the number of girls going through premature sexual development – and experts are unsure why. In the […]

Women Are Avoiding The MAGA Dating App Like The Plague

Even conservative women want nothing to do with the new MAGA dating app The Right Stuff. The Daily Beast reported: Still, another issue is actually getting users. Instead of drawing singles, the app has thus far largely drawn mockery, according to female Republican operatives who spoke to The Daily Beast. …. “It’s all of Mitch […]

Radical lupus treatment uses CAR T-cell therapy developed for cancer

Five people with the autoimmune condition lupus are now in remission after receiving a version of CAR-T therapy, which was originally developed for cancer Health 15 September 2022 By Clare Wilson Illustration of a CAR-T cell CHRISTOPH BURGSTEDT/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY A high-tech cell therapy used to treat cancer has been repurposed as a treatment for […]

Weird ‘failed star’ seen blasting off its outer layers for first time

A brown dwarf – partway between a planet and a star – has been spotted engulfed in a cloud of gas, which it probably produced after a huge pulse of heat blasted through it Space 13 September 2022 By Leah Crane An artist impression of a brown dwarf Chuck Carter and Gregg Hallinan/Caltech A strange […]