Google “best gifts for boyfriend” and you’ll soon find yourself wading through pages and pages of middle-shelf brown liquors, indoor practice putting greens that shoot the golf ball back to you automatically, and extremely swagless (but comfortable) sneakers. So, namely, good gifts for, like, a disappointing father-in-law? You can do better, and we can help with this, in the latest installment of our best gift ideas series. 

A gift for a boyfriend should always do one of three things: spark joy, level up his style, or set the bar for any gifts headed in your direction just a little bit higher. If you can hit all three qualities in one gift and it’s also something you might borrow or enjoy from time to time—like a wild cardigan, a fancy chair, or some sweet Japanese towels—well, then you’ve really aced it. Here are a few gifts to get you started, from Sour Patch Kids to Crocs and beyond. Together, we can make the Google search results page for “best gifts for boyfriend” something we can all be proud of.

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