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About Blanket America

What if the greatest economy in human history matched what it consumed with what it donated?

What if you knew exactly how charities would use your money?

Blanket America is about more than blankets. It is about changing the way charity and business works. Most of all, it is about encouraging consumers to demand more.

What is BUY 1, GIVE 1 ?

Traditional charitable organizations act as intermediaries between fundraising and actual donated goods. Our vision is to eliminate this gap.

That's why when you buy from Blanket America you also give.

Find out how we work.


How We Work


When consumers buy from Blanket America, not only are they generating automatic donations, but supporting our larger commitment to ending extreme poverty. This commitment includes how and where our products are manufactured. From designing, to sourcing and sewing, the manufacture of our products represent an opportunity to help communities with jobs at home and abroad. Working together, we are helping people build a brighter economic future.

For every Blanket America product sold, we make a donation. We call this BUY 1, GIVE 1. Blanket America's principal giving is in the United States. Addressing domestic poverty is our way of bringing consumers and the recipients of donated goods together. We believe consumers can help their neighbors in meaningful ways by demanding matching donations whenever they shop. In addition to domestic giving, Blanket America has provided disaster relief and blanket distributions in Haiti. While giving in the United States is our focus, it is not at the exclusion of being a good neighbor in the broadest sense. Charity begins at home, but it doesn't end there.

What Makes Blanket America American
Families, neighborhoods, communities, and entire economies thrive when people help each other. While being American may mean different things to different people, being a good neighbor is good for everyone. In this spirit, Blanket America works to connect communities, retailers, and manufacturing to help people build a better life. We believe that everyone can give. Both businesses and nonprofits, the public and private sector, can work together to develop real solutions to end extreme poverty. Working with and for all is at the heart of what we do and, to us, is what makes us American.

How We Help

Giving should not only be as easy and as fun as shopping, it should be the same thing. We believe it is possible to turn consumers into benefactors, generating vast quantities of donated goods in the process.

If you need something, chances are someone else does too. Basing our giving on what our customers actually buy means donated goods are more effective.

Changing Expectations
We believe that, when consumers are given the option to do good, they will. Given this option enough times, they will come to expect it. If this expectation is not met, consumers will demand it from other brands.

Community Building
Domestic giving brings neighbors, often in very different circumstances, closer together. Blanket America is a pioneer in developing ways that allow consumers to give within their own communities.

Raising Awareness
Everything we make is designed to address domestic poverty. Through Facebook, Twitter, and our website we maintain an ongoing discussion about poverty in America with over 150,000 subscribers.

Promoting Support Networks
By promoting charitable organizations through our network, we help build support for them. We regularily publish original profiles of food pantries, transitional housing facilities, shelters, and homeless communities.


Who We Are

Extreme Linen, is a major supplier to retailers including JC Penney, Sears, Kmart, Macys, Target, and Kohls. Despite success as a wholesaler, Extreme Linen sought to build a brand around a pioneering embedded giving model. Although their existing relationships allowed for immediate distribution, they recognized a new idea like Blanket America needed a new approach to realize its full potential.

Charitable Partners

Blanket America works with Gifts In Kind International (GIK) to ensure distribution to the needy. GIK is ranked by Forbes Magazine and Charity Navigator as one of the nation’s best-managed charities in America. Gifts In Kind International is dedicated to helping people and communities in need by distributing corporate product donations to charities around the country.

Blanket America created CHOOSE HAITI. CHOOSE HAITI is an ethical consumer movement helping to support the rebuilding of Haiti's economy in the wake of the January earthquake.